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From the time I was a small child the thing that interested me most was the cultures of different races of people all over the world. Their music, dance, art, foods, customs and spirituality all interested me.

All though I am more White Man in the blood than Native I spent the majority of my time as a child participating in Native American Cultural Activities.

I spent summers as a child living
in the Ozark Mountains with my Grandparents who lived as Natives of the Land.  From an early age my father and grandfather took me to Pow-wows just across the boarder in Northern Oklahoma, where Inter-Tribal Dancing styles, that have now spread all over North America, originated.  At the age of thirteen I became a  professional Indian Dancer and performed with my Grandfather for tourist at Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. 

This photo was taken there in 1962.  Click on photo to enlarge.

Through out my life I have lived with and participated in several cultures including Mainstream American, African American, Native American, Alaska Native, Mexican American, Southeast Asian, and Japanese.  With my Japanese wife, Mie and daughter, Hanna I live back and forth between Alaska and Japan.  We enjoy Japanese culture while in Japan, Alaska Native culture while in Alaska and participate in Native American Inter-Tribel Dancing.  

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I came to Alaska in 1975 after eight years in L.A. living among Mexican Americans, known at that time as "Chicanos".  I played music and lived with the producer of El Chicano, a band which had a world wide hit. He had also produced several East L.A. hit groups in the early days of Rock & Roll such as Cannibal and the Head Hunters and the Ronetts.  I had previously lived with African Americans in St. Louis Mo., in the winters, playing in Rhythm and Blues Bands with them.  For the summers I would return to the Ozarks and Oklahoma to Indian Dance.

I came to Alaska to return to living with Native Americans in Arctic Village and Venetie to became a part of the Gwich'in Athabascan Indian Culture.  I lived a traditional subsistence way of life making my living from the land with a dogteam until 1989 when I entered college.  I continued to participate in Athabascan Culture while studying video production and documented the Gwich'in way of life.

I also during my first years in college lived with and participated in Thai and Laos cultures here in Alaska.  In my later college years I lived with and worked on tourism marketing with Japanese.

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