This Alaska Video Production was produced by Boyd Communications to give viewers a quick over-view of Alaska Native Cultures. All of the Map graphics and animations along with the videography and editing were done by Ben Boyd who has a Masters Degree in "Cultural Documentation through Multimedia" from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


This Alaska video production gives an over-view of the different Alaska Native Cultures. It presents their location, ecosystems, way of life, traditional cloths, and dance. This version is in Japanese language with a Japanese Narrator. This video demonstrates Boyd Communications ability to produce videos in both English and Japanese Languages. There is a considerable difference in the timing of Japanese Video Productions in comparison to videos of Western Culture. Boyd has studied Japanese Video Productions extensively and is aware of these differences. He is able to produce videos in a Japanese style.



James Grant passed away April 11, 2010 after continuing to work while fighting a long battle with cancer. He was fighting that battle at the time this video was shot. This Alaska video production presents the background of Alaska's renowned Athabascan Indian Artist, James L. Grant Sr., who was born in Tanana Alaska. His mother died as a result of a tuberculoses epidemic and he and his brother, Jay, were raised in an orphanage in Nenana and Fairbanks until James was seven. At that time, a couple adopted them and took them to Southern California where they remained till adulthood. Soon after serving in the U.S. Military James and Jay returned to Alaska to reunite with their Athabascan family.

At an early age James discovered that he had talent as an artist and pursued those talents through his grade and high school years. Upon arriving in Alaska he entered the University of Alaska Fairbanks and his career as Alaska's renowned Athabascan Artist began to blossom.

This production concludes with an eight month documentation of the progress of James creating an aluminum sculpture that is now exhibited in front of the Bassett Army Community Hospital at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. The progress of the sculpture construction is set to the original song, "Native American Soldier" that is sung by "Indian Pete", Pete Peter a well known Athabascan musician and singer. There is also on Youtube a shorter version that is a Native American Music Video and features this music.

These videos are a two part version of the original 24 min. version that shows many of James works of art in Alaska with his commentary about them. A DVD of the original version can be purchased from Boyd Communications the Producer of the video at:

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