A High Quality Production that can be viewed full screen with DVD quality. If the video doesn't run smoothly on your computer it is to heavy for your computer. Click Here to view a lower quality version.

An Alaska Video Production of the performance of Ben Boyd 60's Hit Music Show at the Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks Alaska. All instrument tracks, backup vocals, and lead vocals by Ben Boyd. All components of video production by Ben Boyd. He is age 68 and has be playing Rock and Roll since the 50's when it began. He learned to play R & B in the 60's while playing in Black R & B Bands in St. Louis and later played in Hippie Bands in LA. He has been playing the songs in this performance ever since they first came out. Using computer technology he is able to play and mix all of the instrument, back-up vocals and vocal track into a One Man Band performance.



A performance of Native Hoop Dance by 9 year old Hanna Boyd at the 2011 Midnight Sun Powwow in Fairbanks Alaska. Hanna has been a Hoop Dancer since the age of 3 and is now using 11 hoops. She is the daughter of Ben Boyd who is age 68 who has been Hoop Dancing since the age of six and is still performing. Hanna is a bi-cultural person as she is half Japanese and speaks both English and Japanese fluently. She attends school in Tokyo Japan where she is learning to read and write the Japanese language. She embodies both Japanese and Native American Cultures.


Ben Boyd is now 68 years old and has been hoop dancing since he was 6 years old. He is the Oldest Native Hoop Dancer in the World. This is his Native Hoop Dance performance at the annual Festival of Native Arts 2009, University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Festival of Native Arts unites the major Native culture groups of Alaska, as well as foreign groups of the continental United States and countries such as Japan, Russia and Canada. These groups share their rich heritage of their respective cultures, which not only solidifies the Alaska Native identity, but also educates all people as to the nature of cultures different from ours.

Many Hoop Dancers are today dancing their performances to band music. The music that Ben Boyd is dancing to is original music by him. He has used computer technology to play and edit all of the instrument tracks and add his own vocals.




Ben Boyd is also a Fancy Dancer and gave this performance at the 2011 Festival of Native Arts.

Ben Boyd gives performances of Native Hoop Dancing or a One Man Band 60's Hits Show. He can also perform a show consisting of both. His daughter Hanna also performs in the shows when she is in the USA.

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