Marketing Videos

Boyd produces both TV Commercials and internet marketing videos. Because he is able to do all components of production and works out of his home he is able to maintain a low over-head and pass the savings on by charging half price compared to most video production costs. Contact Boyd for the cost of your project.
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Documentary Videos

Boyd has a M.A. in Cultural Documentation / Multimedia and as part of his studies took graduate level Communication Dept. courses in quaiitive research, which is the method that is used in many Documentary Production. Boyd has produced Documentary Videos on various subjects and
in both English and Japanese languages.
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Internet Marketing Videos

As technoloy improves and videos are able to load faster, are bigger sizes and higher quality, internet videos are fast becoming one of the most important internet marketing tools. Boyd has the training and experience to know how to format mepg 4 videos so that they have maxium quality and stream well over the Internet. The high cost of video production is one
of the main hindrances in the use of videos on websites today. Boyd prices are half the standard costs.

Historical Videos

Historical photos and film footage are usually the
main ingrediant for these productions. Boyd has
been working with Photoshop ever since it first
came out and has had four PS college course to
keep up with the change technology. This experience enables him to restore Historical photos so they are very visible on screen. Also, a course in After Effects and a great amount of time spent in its use, has given Boyd the experience to animate photos.

TV Commercials

Most TV Commercials today are 30 sec. long so the idea is to give as much information as possible in
that lenght of time. Through the use of Multimedia techniques Boyd is able to communicate a large volume of information in a short time. Timing is of the up most importance in the production of Commercials and Boyd's life long experience as a professional singer and musician gives an advantage of inherent in-meter timing. Also, his graduate level studies in Mass Communications has given him a perspective
of marketing techniques.

Native Cutlure Videos

Since Boyd has participated in Native Cultural Activities with his Grandparents from early childhood and since 1975 lived a native traditional way of life in remote Indian Villages in Alaska he has fullfilled the most important qualification for documentating a Native Culture as perscribed by qualitative research methods. In the past Anthropologists would go
and spend a short period of time in a culture and write about what they thought was going on. More times than not it was an inturpation through their "cultures eye" and not a true account of what was actually happening.
When producing Native Culture Videos Boyd is documenting a way of life he has lived, not just observed for a short period of time.


Music Videos

Because Boyd has been a professional musician most of his life he has aquired the timing and phrasing of music that enbles him to edit music videos that are repersentative of the music and lyrics. His first video production experience was working on Sound Stages in Hollywood, video taping bands' concert practice performances to be used for stage appearence critique. Along with this experience, he worked in multi-track recording studios as a producer, both
of which gave him well rounded training in video
and music production.

Alaska Wildlife Videos

Because Boyd made his living from subsistence hunting, he gained knowledge about Alaska Wildlife. This knowledge greatly helped him in becoming a Wildlife Cameraman. He does not use high powered telephoto lenses but takes video shots from close range. His experience as a hunter enables him to
video Wildlife in a natural undesturbed state. As Expediter fpr Doyon Tourism he makes frequent
trips into Denali National Park. This has given him
the opportunity to video Wildlife all summer long
for many years, which has contributed to a large
library of Wildlife video footage.

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